The Adventure Zone Game Box

Coming November 2020

Tell Me More When It's Available

“I’m so excited that the world of Balance will live on every time someone opens the box. The idea of our incredible listeners getting to play in our space fills me with immeasurable joy.”

Justin McElroy

“Lighthearted and accessible fantasy gameplay!”

Andrew Hoover, Playtester

We are so jazzed to be sharing this game with the world! I'm really looking forward to people making their own adventures in the Balance universe

Travis McElroy

“A game with simple but solid mechanics which weaves storytelling directly into the gameplay? Yes please!”

The game encouraged and rewarded roleplaying without requiring it, allowing all players to sit squarely at their comfort level.”

Seth Nappa, Playtester

Great Game!

“Got to do basic roleplaying without crazy rules. Also, easy for my boyfriend to enjoy without knowing TAZ!”

“The best part was the excitement that comes with almost winning or losing! Lots of gasping and flailing. Very fun!”

Hannah Kogut, Playtester

Fewer calories than Candyland, more romance than Mystery Date and fewer stab wounds than Mumblety-peg! (Actually, MORE stab wounds than Mumblety-peg.)

Clint McElroy

“I LOVED THIS! I was fun and easy to learn. I adore the collaborative nature and the comedy aspect.”

“Time flew by while playing this.”

“Definitely the right amount of roleplaying for a casual like me!”

“I definitely felt like I was in their crazy world and it was awesome.”

Lauren Piandes, Playtester

“I really enjoyed the character creation and suggestions, very fun!”

“Adventure Zone seems like a fun, silly storytelling podcast. I might start to listen!

Kayla McLaughlin, Playtester

“The cooperative element is so well done, and allows for a lot of fun and silly story-telling.” 

Brett Cardoso, Playtester

The Folks Behind The Game

The McElroy Family

Over the past decade, the McElroy Family have produced 12 podcasts, including the wildly successful My Brother, My Brother and Me, and The Adventure Zone. Over the years they’ve also dabbled in television, voice acting, web series, and writing bestselling graphic novels, among other things. You can find all of thier work at TheMcElroy.Family

Twogether Studios

Twogether Studios is the game design studio of us, Jenn Ellis and Keith Baker. Keith is an award winning game designer best known for his card game Gloom and the world of Eberron for Dungeons & Dragons. Jenn has epic level expertise in interactive and product design. Together they have created the RPG Phoenix Dawn Command, Action Cats, Action Pups and Illimat. They live in Portland, Oregon with thier dog Ping. 

Hari Conner

Hari Conner is an award-winning comic artist and illustrator based in the UK, specializing in fantasy and educational illustration. We fell in love with Hari's work when seeing their Choose your own path book Into The Dungeon and we're elated to learn they are a huge TAZ fan. Learn more about their comic series Finding Home and other projects here