Saint Joan Luminary Card

The latest album from The Decemberists is out today and it's an absolute delight.  We're pleased to share that vinyl copies of the record include a very special limited edition Illimat luminary card- Saint Joan. Special edition Illimat luminary cards like this and The Rusalka are highly sought after and not available within any existing Illimat set. There are no plans at this time to include Saint Joan in a future Illimat release. It will only be available as part of As it Ever Was, So It Will Be and as a bonus card for the French edition of Illimat to be release later this year. More on that in a future post!

If you have Saint Joan in your hands- congratulations! Turn on the music, unfold your Illimat board and mix it into the game. 

- Jenn & Keith 

 Here are the rules for the Saint Joan Illimat Luminary: 


If you possess Saint Joan at the end of the round, you gain two points instead of the usual one point for a luminary. However, this blessing comes at a price. When you collect Saint Joan by clearing a field, you must immediately reseed the field using all the cards in your hand. This occurs regardless of whether or not you collected an okus, and takes the place of any other reseeding of this field. Once you’ve placed your cards in the field, redraw until you have four cards in your hand. 

The Saint Joan luminary card was illustrated by Carson Ellis and inspired by the Jules Bastien- Lepage painting Joan of Arc.

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