Launching November 1st


A modern witchy boardgame of turning seasons and luminaries revealed.

Preview Soon

Preview Illimat Second Edition, The Crane Wife Expansion Second Edition, and the new False Barron's Set expansion and all other delights starting next wednesday.

Illimat FAQs

No. Your current copy of Illimat is just great. There are some rules changes that we think make it better, a change in the type of card stock we use for the playing cards, and an okus token change. Here is a link to a PDF of the rules for Illimat V2.

Yes! The Crane Wife Expansion will launch for pre-order on November 1st.

Illimat second edition comes with a change in the type of card stock we used in the playing cards, a new Okus token that replaces the Boat token, and several changes in the rules. We wrote a post about the changes here and here. A free PDF of Illimat Second rules is available here.

No. However, we are offering this King of Stars card that ships now to use as a gift card or your favorite players to wish them the seasons best. We also offer free gift messaging that will be included with your items when the order ships.

Yes! We'll reveal a new pin and other merch items on October 26th- including a new Illimat collaboration we think you'll flip for.

No. The Rusalka card was a surprise secret Illimat Luminary card hidden wihthin the colorful folds of The decemberists Ill Be Your Girl " Exploded Edition" boxed set. Special luminaries like this or The Audience will not appear in Illimat expansions.

Yes. We offer Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) shipping to most but not all contries outside of the United States. Our international shipping partner calculates the duties and tax required by your country at check out and your shipping price displayed at check out includes Shipping +duty and tax. Your package is shipped from the US to you without additional fees on delivery.

Yes, but also maybe no. We sell wholesale to brick and mortar retailers and will have a listing especially for them on our preorder. This is the best way for US based retailers to stock Illimat and have it shipped the same time as consumer preorder sales. If you want your friendly local merchant to stock Illimat, please reach out to them and ask them to carry it!

Yes! However, we have started production on a set number of copies of Illimat and the expansions. Our first priority is to fulfill individual preorders and brick and mortar local merchant orders from this print run first.