The Adventure Zone: Kind of Big Deal Expansion

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Put the petal to the medal! The Bureau of Balance has uncovered new locations to explore, Relics to claim, and Villains to battle. You'll need careful planning- and exceptional luck- to overcome these challenges, but Im sure you're up to the task that lies ahead. You're going to be amazing!

Be surprised by Hurley and Garyl! Impress your friends with The Pocket Spa, the Gustmaster 3000, and the legendary Free Cheese! Combine these new cards with the base game for more adventures in the Adventure Zone. 

Whats Included in the expansion 

  • 6 new mission cards: Two Villains, Two Relics, and Two Locations
  • 60 Challenge cards - ten for each mission card
  • 10 Fantasy Kostco cards
  • 3 Surprise Cards 

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