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Event sign up for GenCon 2023 has launched and we’re excited to share what Keith and I have planned for you! GenCon runs August 3-6th and is a show were you need to register for your events in advance- so check out whats on offer and register with the links below. We'll have a booth in the exhibit hall as well as hosting these events for you to sign up for: 

In Memoriam: The Adventurers Wake

Friday, 4:00 PM EDT

We honor characters who passed beyond pen and paper by heroic sacrifice or just too many ones. Submit your character's tragic story & the most compelling ones will be eulogized by celebrity speakers. Is this an hour or laughs or sad goodbyes? The answer is yes.

Share your character’s tragic tale before GenCon and the most compelling characters will be eulogized by our team of celebrity speakers at the event. If you’ve ever lost a character—or if you just want to know that someone else had it worse than you did—this is the event for you.

Submissions for character stories open on June 1st 2023 right here on our website. Join our mailing list to get notified of this and other dates and locations for this event. 

Illimat Learn & Play with One Shot!

Friday, 8pm EDT

llimat is our classic style witchy card game that feels like it’s been around for a century and can tell your fortune. Its mysteries inspired the One Shot networks Live Play RPG series SkyJacks and Couriers Call.  Join us for fun, friendship, and giveaways Whether you’re an experienced member of the Society of Luminaries, a seasoned skyjack, or a novice who’s never heard of any of this. This your opportunity to play a round of Illimat with the creators of the game and some of the hosts and players from the One Shot Podcast Network! Rules will be taught and swag will be given out!

World Building With Keith Baker 

Thursday, 3:00 PM EDT

What does it take to create a compelling fantasy world? Where do you start and how deep should you go? Whether you’re developing a setting for a novel or a TTRPG, whether you’re creating a world to share with your friends or a product for wide release, there are basic principles that can guide you on your journey. Join Keith Baker—creator of the Eberron Campaign Setting for Dungeons & Dragons—for a hands-on discussion of the process of creating a world.

Eberron & Beyond With Keith Baker 

Saturday, 11:00 AM EDT

Keith Baker is a game designer and novelist known for creating the Eberron Campaign Setting for Dungeons & Dragons and the card game Gloom, as well as games such as Illimat, Phoenix Dawn Command, and The Adventure Zone: Bureau of Balance with his company Twogether Studios. Join Keith for a discussion of projects past and present, including behind the scenes tales of Eberron and a peek at what’s coming next from Twogether Studios!

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