The Adventure Zone: Bureau of Balance Pre Order FAQ

Q: When Does The Adventure Zone Game Ship? 

A:  The Adventure Zone: Bureau of Balance and Limited Edition ship no later than August 2020. We'll post updates the first week of each month on our blog on this site. 

Q: When do you collect payment?

A: We collect payment at the time of pre-order. Your credit card/paypal will be charged at check out. 

Q: Can I change my shipping address? 

A: Yes! When we get close to shipping we will email you to confirm your address and you can change it then. If you're not sure where you'll be living this summer, we suggest you ship it to someone who you know wont be moving. 

Q: Do you ship outside of the US?

A: Yes. We ship to most countries except for Brasil, Russia, and Mexico. The currently shipping plan is to ship all US orders from the US, all orders outside of the US from the UK as these are the lowest shipping rates from our provider. 

Q: Will you be selling the game to retailers? 

A: If the pre-order is successful we will make the game available through our distribution channels worldwide and through direct wholesale sales. The limited edition version of the game and the Reclaimer rewards will not be available via distribution or direct wholesale sales outside of this pre-order.  

Q: Do you have a retailer pre-order level? 

A: Yes! We provide pre-order level with reclaimer rewards to confirmed brick and mortar retailers.