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Jenn & Keith of Twogether Studios

Hello! We’re Jenn Ellis and Keith Baker of Twogether Studios. Since this may be the first time many of you have encountered Twogether Studios, we wanted to take a moment to introduce ourselves and explain who we are and why we’re making The Adventure Zone: Bureau of Balance

We’re long-time fans of gaming and collaborative storytelling in all its forms. Keith has deep roots in traditional roleplaying, having created the Eberron campaign setting for Dungeons & Dragons and the award-winning card game Gloom. Our goal with Twogether Studios is to create games that bring people together, leveraging Keith’s background in storytelling and Jenn’s expert insight into user experience and product design. With Illimat we created a game that draws players into the world of the band The Decemberists, something that feels like an old classic despite being entirely new. Action Cats brings people of all ages together to tell hilarious stories about cats. Now, with The Adventure Zone: Bureau of Balance we are giving players the chance to create their own adventures in the world of the Balance Arc. 

What we love most about The Adventure Zone is its positive energy and the joy that everyone takes in building a story together. This is what we have focused on with TAZ: BoB — creating a foundation that encourages you and your friends to create your own stories. This is a game you can play with anyone, even if they’ve never played a storytelling game before. It’s rooted in the Balance Arc, but it doesn’t require players to know anything about The Adventure Zone to enjoy it. As new reclaimers for the Bureau of Balance, you will create your own unique stories. 

Four out of the four Kickstarters we're launched funded and delivered and this is the first time we're trying out doing pre-orders in this way. We'll be posting updates on this blog during the pre-order and the first week of every month thereafter. We hope it gives you a little more streamlined access to information and updates. Feel free to comment on this post with questions or comments about the pre-order that you cant find on our FAQ page or email us at info@twogetherstudios.com

Hey, lets all watch The Loading Ready Run crew play The Adventure Zone on their stream at 5 pacific/8 eastern.  We'll be in the chat and answering questions- hope to see you there!

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  • I’m extremely excited about this game, but could you clarify one point? Is this a traditional preorder (where we are buying a guaranteed copy, and just ordering it before it is released) or is it like Kickstarter (if you don’t reach your goal it doesn’t get made and everything is refunded)? I was just a bit confused.


    Timothy Knight Rorie

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